LaFress by Mari Sheludko &Valeri Passe is high fashion  brand for feminine and intelligence  ladies .
LaFress strives to present modern collections of apparel and accessories for different bright moments of life.
LaFress clothes are the sign of good taste always .
The whole collection is presented in natural colors , which occupy you with life energy and stand high way of life .
At the same time energy of colors is natural , delicate and attractive .
The power of nature is in the collection  created by two designers Mary Sheludko and Valery Passe .
We are inspired by real life ,we put in our emotions , senses , energy , imaginations , creativity and a part of our souls  to our things .
That's why our clothes includes not just ecstatic beauty but intelligence too.
We create clothes for real women loving herself and confident every time and every where . ( in every moment of life )
LaFress is the self expression , beauty of shapes and forms femininity and elegance .